This is my story

I am Risa, a Japanese Muslim revert from Tokyo.  I was born and raised in Japan. Graduate Master’s degree of Global Environmental Studies at Sophia University, Tokyo Japan in 2013.

The life-changing experience of my revert journey was to participate in “Ship for Southeast Asia and Japanese Youth Program” (SSEAYP) in 2011 where I was inspired by Muslim participants from ASEAN nations to see their lifestyle and Islamic practices living in peace and harmony regardless of their difference in cultures and nationalities. This was also where I met my husband, a Muslim Malaysian too.

Meanwhile, my husband and I were long distance relationship after the  SSEAYP program, I started to learn and practice things to do/ not to do in Islam. I took this opportunity as to learn Islam for myself to get the faith which I did not own ever since I was born. This learning process took me almost four years and I was almost convinced to believe in Islam after I read Quran translated in Japanese. But I was not sure when I will be officially a Muslim at the time.

On November 7th, 2015, I made Shahada at Dr. Zakir Naik lecture in Tokyo. As he answered my question, how I should deal with my Japanese cultures based on other religious practices after the revert. He answered that “As long as you follow what Quran says it should not be a problem” and I was convinced by his answer because this will be the answer for all the questions I might have after my revert.

It has been three years and hald of being Muslim in Japan, I am able to foster my Imaan step by step with experiences in my daily life.

I got married to my husband in October 2016 and delivered a baby boy in September 2018. Now we are based in Tokyo and share our life and journey on SNS.